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Since 2004


Visual Smash is a graphic design and web design studio in Stockton, CA and was started by me, Tien Phan. I am a graduate of Chico State University, CA (Communication Design Program). I received my Bachlor of Arts in 2004. The design program at Chico is wonderful. The professors and resources are top notch. The design friends I've made there have gone on to successful careers in the design industry.


I moved back home to Stockton, California to start a design studio. I work with local businesses from start-ups, to larger established companies. I provide them branding, graphic & web design solutions. My services range greatly: sales and marketing collateral, fashion design, signage, 3D renders, email campaigns, web site development, mobile app design, illustrations, print advertising, lead-generation tools (salesforce campaigns), micro-sites, architectural graphics and renderings.


Since then, I've expanded with a second design office in Mountain View, California where I reside half the time. Here, I work with technology companies. I help engineers and tech-minded entrepreneurs realize their company's vision by streamlining their ideas. I design data sheets, micro-sites, full corporate sites, how-to videos, and provide photo art direction. Both of my graphic & web design locations (Stockton and Mountain View, CA) have seen steady growth. I enjoy working with technology business owners who care about their branding, messaging, and positioning.


I've been very lucky to work with civil engineers, real estate agents, tech visionaries, sales directors, product managers, web marketers, fashion and apparel designers. I've worked with factories in China to streamline artwork and get manufacturing/product ready artwork finalized for top brands in the headwear industry. I had the prvilage to work with a web development team in São Paulo, Brazil. I had the pleasure of working with a doctor on mobile app design. My connections in the Silicon Valley allow me to help my clients implement their business marketing ideas. Please feel free to contact me for a creative discussion.


Thank you.


Tien Phan



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